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Providing Hair Restoration Treatment in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

If hair loss is a concern to you, our dedicated professionals at Martinick Hair Restoration clinics can help.

Operating under the guidance of renowned specialist hair restoration physician Dr Jennifer Martinick, our carefully selected and trusted physicians and consultants collectively offer many decades of experience in the field.

Located in Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney our Australian health standard accredited modern clinics are noted for excellence in patient care, comfort and the highest achievable outcomes in hair restoration.

We only recommend clinically proven surgical and non-surgical solutions.

Ask us about the benefits of a multi-therapy approach – an approach that can include use of clinically proven medications, low level laser therapy and hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplant surgery is the only proven permanent solution for hair restoration.

If you are considering hair transplant surgery we can show you the great results achieved for countless Australians with the Martinick Transplant Technique ™.

Having dedicated over 30 years of her professional life to the field, Dr Martinick developed this transplant technique with the aim of creating a natural looking transplant, making the absolute best possible use of available follicles for transplant, ensuring optimal survival of the donor grafts and minimising time spent in surgery.

Hair transplants performed under these surgical techniques are completely natural in appearance.

Only our physicians are trained and approved to use the Martinick Technique ™.

Our physicians also draw on the Martinick Technique ™ for restorative surgery to correct obvious looking transplants performed with dated surgical procedures and for healing hair bearing areas that have been scarred from burns or other trauma. 

To book a consultation call 1800 689 939 or email consult@martinickhair.com.au.

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