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Botched Surgery Can Be Worse Than Going Bald

- Friday.August 02. 2019

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Here’s an article by John Vincent, author of Hair Loss Dossier and one of the most knowledgeable and respected experts in hair restoration.

John says, “An improperly trained surgeon (or whoever is assigned the job) can remove too much hair at the donor site or by a method that damages the area around it, to the point it makes that area bald and scarred.”

“A head that is permanently scarred and unsightly can be disastrous to one’s self-esteem and ability to function in society,” says John.

Many injured or scarred patients come to see Dr Martinick at our Perth and Sydney clinics, but sadly, some have had over-harvested donor areas or impossible to repair hair transplants.

Dr Martinick says, “One should never take surgery lightly. A hair transplant is in such a highly visible area and the patient has to live with the consequences, good or bad, for a very long time.”

While travelling to some countries for surgery could result in a significantly cheaper transplant, it is important to remember that many of these countries place fewer regulations on doctors and clinics.

Dr Martinick says key factors to consider for those who choose to have surgery overseas are the availability of ongoing aftercare and the additional risk of travelling after a surgical procedure. If something goes wrong, patients would have fewer rights and entitlements.

“While performing a natural-looking hair transplant seems deceptively easy, there are still too many examples of inferior work around the world,” says Dr Martinick.

To learn more about black market hair transplant surgery, continue reading here.

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