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Capturing the difference a hair transplant really makes

- Wednesday.May 10. 2017



When you meet actor presenter Paul Gerrard, it is difficult to imagine that just 12 months ago he had a thinning crown and receding hairline and temples.

However, as this rare and engaging vision shows, Paul Gerrard’s appearance has transformed significantly since he contemplated treating his hair loss in early 2016.

As many of our valued patients and followers are aware, the popular actor-presenter made a series of videos to capture his journey to restore his hair.

Paul shared his experience to show other men what to expect during and after a hair transplant procedure and to document the physical transformation that restored hair brings.

In this complete series, viewers are invited to travel with Paul from Sydney’s northern beaches as he considers treatment options for his hair loss, attends a consultation with Dr Jennifer Martinick and Dr Sara Kotai and has a hair transplant procedure at Man Cave Sydney.

Paul’s decision is based on extensive research into hair loss treatments and hair restoration clinics.

He announces he is thrilled that the acclaimed Dr Jennifer Martinick and Dr Sara Kotai can perform his hair transplant procedure.

The doctors are renowned for hair transplants which look natural, thick and healthy.

While Paul’s transplanted hair looks great at 12 weeks after his procedure, it looks, as viewers will attest, remarkable after 12 months.

Paul’s good news is compounded by the fact that like all hair transplant patients, he can look forward to further thickening of his hair up until 18 months after his procedure.

Having only utilised 4000 follicular unit grafts (FUGs) for this transplant, Paul has an additional 2000 donor follicles available, if he chooses, to have a second procedure at a later date.

All hair restoration patients have a maximum of 6,000 follicles available for transplant, hence the importance of choosing doctors who will ensure the precious follicles are handled in a careful and timely manner.

Paul is just one of thousands of men who have benefitted from hair restoration treatment provided by Dr Jennifer Martinick and Dr Sara Kotai at Man Cave Sydney, New Hair Clinic, and Martinick Hair Restoration.

Will you be among the many men who enjoy the benefits of permanent and natural hair restoration?

Watch Paul’s hair transplant journey to learn more.




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