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COVID-19 Anxiety and Hair Loss

- Friday.May 22. 2020

Feeling anxious?  Stressed out?  You’re not alone. Far from it, in fact.

A report by Business Insider shows that a third of the world population is currently on some form of a coronavirus lockdown, shaking the very fabric of our world and freedom. We miss the little things we once took for granted, like meeting the family for dinner or popping to the store for milk and bread without fear of Covid-19 risk. It’s the lack of life’s simple pleasures that compromise our sanity. The problem is if you leave the problem – which will only get worse if you don’t keep your stress in check.

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The Big Deal

The problem with stress is that it can cause hormonal imbalances. In men, this can send testosterone levels spiralling out of control. Normal testosterone can convert into dihydrotestosterone, notorious for shrinking hair follicles and releasing hair along with it. This could be the culprit behind that receding hairline. In women, all-over shedding and thinning are common too, which is often caused by a lack of progesterone. This can spiral into estrogen dominance, triggering excessive shedding.

“People often come in to see me who are finding that all of a sudden their hair is falling out all over the place,” Dr Martinick says.

“This sudden hair loss rather than a gradual hair loss is often due to stress.”

Physical causes aside, stress can also cause you to voluntarily (albeit usually subconsciously) pull out your own hair. This is known as trichotillomania and isn’t limited to the hair on your head. Sufferers might pull at their eyelashes or brows too, or anywhere with hair on the body. Unfortunately, chronic trichotillomania can severely damage hair follicles, potentially causing permanent thinning or hair loss.

Your body might even attack its own immune system, targeting hair follicles (alopecia areata). There is no known effective method of prevention, although the elimination of emotional stress is felt to be helpful.

Seeing hair loss as the results of stress can take 2-3 months to manifest, you might only now be seeing the impact of something that happened a while back.

The 3-Month Satellite Delay!

It’s a well-known fact that hair loss can be rooted in emotional turmoil. But – the results aren’t always instant. Most of the time, we experience what’s known as the “3-Month Delay,” whereby the impact of stress only sets in 90+ days after the trigger. Don’t stress too much, though – unless there’s an underlying medical condition, this too shall pass.

“While many hair loss issues are genetic, most are caused by poor lifestyle choices”, Dr Martinick says.

“Stress could impact your sleep, mood, and appetite resulting in a compromised diet, lack of vitamins and minerals, faulty digestive system, and more.”

All of these things are essential for a healthy head of hair. Everything is connected, and could all begin with managing your stress level.

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