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- Friday.October 05. 2018

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Actor presenter Paul Gerrard always viewed hair loss as an inevitable condition that many men have to deal with.

Highly confident, assured and ebullient, Paul’s motivation to restore his hair was sourced in a desire to sustain the versatility of acting roles in theatre, television, and film he enjoys.

While he sought permanent hair restoration for professional reasons, Paul says he never imagined the enormous personal boost that restoring his hair would bring.

“Versatility is really important for an actor and restoring my hair will give me a greater playing range.”

“This was my motivation for having a hair transplant.”

“I am aware that I look much younger when I wear a hat, but it hadn’t occurred to me just how much a new hairline would transform my appearance and how positively my friends and associates would respond.  It has given me such a boost.”

Watch the video to discover Paul’s secret.

Paul says he’s in the lucky position of having been a recipient of Dr Martinick’s hair transplant using the Martinick Technique™.

“I’ve had two hair transplants and we’ve achieved in that time optimum density. And since the hair transplant, lots of people have said to me, Paul what is the Martinick Technique™ and how did it come about?”

Watch the video to discover the secrets of the Martinick Technique™


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