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Dr Martinick – never underestimate the psychological impact of hair loss

- Wednesday.December 13. 2017


Dr Jennifer Martinick Couch TV

With more than 70 percent of men and 50 percent of women affected by hair loss at some stage of their lives, the sensitive topic always attracts widespread public interest.

In light of this, Couch Television invited our consulting physician, Dr Jennifer Martinick to provide expert commentary on the emotional impact of hair loss and treatment options.

Introducing the global leader in the field of hair loss treatment, Couch TV’s resident clinical psychologist Neesha Seth spoke of how she was keen to learn more about Dr Martinick’s meaningful work.

Ms Seth asked about treatment options, how and why hair loss is starting to affect younger men and essential advice for those with hair loss.

Commenting on the underestimated psychological effects of hair loss, Dr Martinick’s ‘healing’ work involves counselling patients, advising about medically proven options and providing individualised treatment plans.

The leading consulting hair restoration surgeon to Martinick Hair Restoration, New Hair Clinic, and Man Cave Sydney, performs hair transplants that look completely natural.  

Referring to the changes seen in the field over the past few decades, Dr Martinick says hair transplants performed in the right surgical hands are undetectable.

This is a stark contrast to the once commonly associated obvious looking hairlines and plugs or clumps of ‘dolls hair’.

In 1991 Dr Martinick introduced single follicle grafting into Australia and refined her techniques to artistically replant single donor hairs at the same angle and orientation that natural hair grows.

While it is now possible to have a completely natural looking transplant, those seeking treatment must be cautious, says Dr Martinick.

Prospective patients should do extensive research to find out about the doctor, their training, the results achieved for patients and the training of their surgical support team.

Sadly, Dr Martinick often finds herself doing restorative work for patients who have been treated at discounted overseas clinics.

It is often a big step for people affected by hair loss to make a consultation with a doctor.

People are concerned if a transplant will look natural, if they will have scars and how comfortable a transplant procedure will be.

Hair loss can have a devastating emotional impact, particularly for women and the vulnerable cohort of young men under 25.

Dr Martinick encourages people to seek treatment as early as possible.

In many cases, the most appropriate treatment may be medication or even a medically proven protein powder.

She says surgical hair restoration is a more sustainable, permanent, natural and fuss free option than hair replacement pieces.

While young men often seek the instant effects of a hairpiece, she encourages them to think about the heavy maintenance involved, the restrictions of wearing a hairpiece and the ongoing costs.

Hair replacement pieces cost around $5,000 and must be replaced twice a year, potentially resulting in a lifetime of treatment costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Depending on the extent of the procedure, hair transplantation costs between $6,000 to $20,000.

“There’s no special upkeep after a hair transplant where your own hair grows permanently again, Dr Martinick says.

“You can wash, groom, swim and play sport just as you would your own hair.  Unlike a hairpiece, those with transplanted hair do not have the constant worry of what will happen if they are caught in a strong wind or dive into a swimming pool.”

Dr Martinick will reappear as a guest of Couch TV early in 2018.

To watch the full interview, which appeared on Foxtel channel 173, click on the link below.  


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