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- Tuesday.March 12. 2019

Around the world, there are many reputable physicians who perform exceptional hair transplants, and some patients travel thousands of miles to be entrusted in their capable hands.

But when it comes to medical tourism, certain physicians or businessmen can stand to profit from unethical practices such as misleading advertising that uses their credentials to lure unknowing patients to clinics with the promise of cheap surgeries in ‘expert hands’.

Depending on the locale, it is often hard to obtain accurate information about physicians and the quality of their work from afar.  In Australia, it is often easy to obtain information about malpractice lawsuits, sanctions by medical boards, and other disciplinary actions against a physician.

This information may not be as readily available with foreign providers especially when governments encourage medical tourism and are forced to show evidence of regulation in the industry resulting in undercover work which includes the black market.

Black market clinics Source ISHRS

Image source: ISHRS

“More often, they do not have the internal control procedure to negate the rapid growth of this lucrative market. It would require major well publicised individual negative experience such as maiming, disfiguring or even circumstances resulting in deaths.  Please be aware that these things do occur in the industry creating awareness,” says Dr Jennifer Martinick.

The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS) caution individuals may be buying unsafe, illegal procedures.  This happens in classic ‘bait-and-switch’ modality where patients are lured by luxury holidays and doctor’s credentials to seek hair transplant overseas -but the actual surgeries are being performed by technicians who are not licensed to perform surgery.

Medical decisions need to be made constantly during cosmetic procedures and this applies to even minor cosmetic surgery.  Black market clinics employ low-cost technicians who may not identify a problem until it is too late.

Dr Martinick says, “The low quality of care found in these facilities, compounded by the high risk of infection and complication could lead to undesirable results.”


Agressive overharvesting black market source ISHRS

Image source: ISHRS

Reputable Physicians Make All the Difference

When performed by the right physician, today’s hair restoration surgery safely and effectively creates natural-looking, permanent results that are virtually undetectable.

We encourage patients seeking hair transplant to take precautionary research and be an educated consumer to avoid being an unnatural disaster.

At Martinick Hair Restoration, our goal is to ensure that all patients are 100% completely satisfied. More importantly, we provide VIP confidentiality and care for the busy executive who demands the highest attention to detail with the best results.

Dr Jennifer Martinick’s surgical experience is extensive and she has performed thousands of hair transplant surgeries for more than 25 years. A Fellow and past president of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery (ISHRS), she is a recipient of the Platinum Follicle Award and one of the leading hair restoration doctors in the world.

If you wish to learn more about hair transplantation you are also welcome to speak to some of our patients who will share their experience. Discover more >>


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