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Martinick Hair Restoration’s contribution to the future of hair restoration

- Monday.February 12. 2018

Dr Jennifer Martinick Dr Xin Chua_Martinick Hair Restoration

Dr Martinick with one of her mentees, Dr Xin Chua

Martinick Hair Restoration’s Dr Jennifer Martinick gains great professional and personal satisfaction from developing the next generation of hair restoration surgeons.

While she has dedicated a major part of her professional life to public education on hair loss causes and treatments, she also mentors many doctors who are new to the profession.

Along with coaching in surgical techniques, Dr Martinick’s education of doctors includes delivering keynote and industry addresses around the globe and in 2018 she will present lectures in Dubai, Beijing and Los Angeles.

Dr Martinick said mentoring of young doctors entering the field by proven, established hair restoration professionals was essential for ensuring people affected by hair loss continued to have access to the best possible care.

Hair transplantation was not taught in medical schools at either an undergraduate or postgraduate level.

Unless more experienced and knowledgeable doctors mentored the future generation, all that would be left to younger doctors, was to attend international meetings which contained didactic lectures and live surgeries.

“However, this won’t provide hands on experience and awareness of the different difficulties and complications associated with various patients,” Dr Martinick said.

“Inadequate training results in inferior hair transplant results for the patient and sadly, we are experiencing this in many clinics throughout the world.”

Relative newcomer to the field of hair restoration surgery, Dr Xin Chua said Dr Martinick had been a great mentor to her since early 2017.

Working with her, Dr Xin Chua gained the opportunity to learn the importance of a holistic approach to hair restoration surgery. By this, she meant one that was individualised for a patient’s needs and drew on the principles of science as well as artistry to ensure a hair transplant looked completely natural.

“As a doctor, I personally believe that Primum Non Nocere, which means do no harm, is the most important principle of practising medicine, Dr Xin Chua said.

“The Martinick Technique ™ fulfils these principles in every way. I feel very privileged to be mentored by the doctor who spent decades researching, developing and refining this hair transplant technique.”

In a 2017 address to the 25th annual congress of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, Dr Martinick spoke of the need to ensure hair transplant doctors had the artistic ability to create natural and undetectable hair transplants.

A major portion of the training and professional development she provided for new doctors emphasised the importance of artistry and mimicking nature in hair transplantation.

“Successful hair transplantation requires far more than scientific knowledge, medical qualifications and technical skills.

“It’s the way in which the transplanted follicles are put together that makes the difference between   a natural and unnatural looking hair transplant.

“Hair transplant doctors must be patients focused, persistent, natural team leaders, warm, disciplined time-managers, unflappable, confident, compassionate and passionate about helping their patients.”


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