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Permanent and natural hair restoration with Follicular Unit Transplantation

- Monday.August 24. 2015

Don’t plug the plugs.  As the Sydney Morning Herald’s Lifestyle Editor Jenna Clarke pointed out in an article about one of our patient’s decision to have a hair transplant, ‘plugs in hair transplantation are a thing of the past’.


When it comes to obtaining a natural looking hair transplant, follicular unit transplantation (FUT), when performed with the right surgical hands, achieves outstanding results.

As a pioneer of modern hair transplantation, Martinick Hair Restoration is a renowned leader in permanent, natural and undetectable hair transplantation.

Sporting and media personalities are among the many Australian men and women from all walks of life who seek hair transplants performed according to the principles of the Martinick Technique™.

Our valued patients delight in the fact that even their hairdressers are astounded when they tell them they’ve had a hair transplant.

And, while our natural looking hair transplants are often our patients’ best kept secret, many of our patients choose to share their story.

Among these patients is celebrity makeup artist Michael Brown who spoke to the Sydney Morning Herald’s Ms Clarke about his decision to have a hair transplant.

The Mornings presenter spoke about how he had 4500 new hair follicles transplanted into his scalp and crown  by Martinick Hair restoration’s Dr Jennifer Martinick and Dr Sara Kotai, founder of Sydney’s first male focused aesthetic clinic, Man Cave Sydney.

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