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Seek early medical advice about hair loss

- Saturday.February 11. 2017

Are you doing all you can to preserve your precious donor follicles?

If you suffer from hair loss and hope to enjoy the benefits of growing your own hair again with natural and permanent hair restoration, it’s important to keep your options open by seeking relevant medical advice as early as possible.

Don’t do anything to damage your precious donor follicles, warns Martinick Hair Restoration’s Dr Jennifer Martinick.

In an article published in the Sydney Morning Herald in February, Dr Martinick speaks about how those with a genetic predisposition to hair loss may unknowingly be prematurely ageing their hair.

Dr Martinick says genetically predisposed hair loss sufferers, who take anabolic steroids or protein powders which increase testosterone production, may be fast forwarding their hair loss by 10 to 15 years.

She says many of these people may be unaware of the cause of their hair loss and are unaware of the solutions available.

Dr Martinick, a past president of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, says with the right advice, proven treatments for hair loss are available.

“But don’t leave it too late,” Dr Martinick says.

“The earlier you seek treatment, the greater your opportunities to preserve precious donor follicles for successful hair transplantation. Hair transplantation is a permanent natural option which enables you to grow your own hair again.”

To read the full story in the Sydney Morning Herald click on this link.

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