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Sexual Dysfunction Has No Connection To Finasteride Use

- Monday.June 03. 2019

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Finasteride for androgenetic alopecia is not associated with sexual dysfunction: a survey-based, single-centre, controlled study

Commonly marketed under the trademark name Propecia, the hair-growth drug finasteride does not result in sexual dysfunction in men with AGA (androgenetic alopecia), according to a study released © 2019 European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology. These data are consistent with other large survey-based controlled studies.

Acclaimed hair transplant surgeon, Dr Jennifer Martinick says she hopes the study’s findings will reassure the many men concerned about the safety of finasteride and debunk the myths circulated on the internet.

The findings also confirm her long-held view regarding the nocebo effect- a term relating to the power of negative suggestion on health.

“It is such a pity to see that so many young men who could benefit from taking finasteride don’t take it because they have been influenced by some of the myths circulated on the internet.”

“As a consequence, they continue losing their hair and feel miserable,” Dr Martinick says.

Using the modified version of the Arizona Sexual Experience Scale (ASEX) survey, sexual dysfunction reports in a population of 762 men aged 18-82 resulted in no connection to finasteride use. This reflects recent research which suggests that men with alopecia may be inherently more susceptible to sexual dysfunction regardless of treatment and that sexual dysfunction is not uncommon in the general population regardless of alopecia status.

Therefore, as one of only two FDA-approved medications, it is recommended that finasteride continue to be prescribed for the treatment of androgenetic alopecia.  Read the full report here.


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