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Suffering from Premature Hair Loss in Silence

- Friday.April 03. 2020

Dr Martinick says, “The sad thing is that many people suffering premature hair loss suffer in silence because they’re not aware of the solutions available.” 

Are you suffering from hair loss


Body-conscious men working out intensively at the gym may be at risk of losing hair faster than ever before. Some take anabolic steroids, protein powders and creatine to increase muscles and are unaware that the increased testosterone may speed up hair loss.

Those with a genetic predisposition to hair loss may be prematurely ageing their hair and can fast forward hair loss by about 10-15 years in some cases.

The old saying, ‘We are what we eat’ is also true for hair, says hair loss treatment expert Dr Martinick, who believes removing essential fatty acids from diets isn’t right because the absence of it prevents hair growth.

She also says pulling at hair, psychological stress, a restricted diet, bleaching and twiddling hair can speed up hair loss.

“The sad thing is that many people suffering premature hair loss suffer in silence because they’re not aware of the solutions available,” she says.

“Or, worse, they travel overseas for treatment in the belief that it will be cheaper, but it can be dangerous.”

Dr Martinick, a past-president of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery and winner of the Platinum Follicle Award in New York, the highest accolade possible in her profession, operates with a team of 12 surgical technicians and consults to Martinick Hair Restoration, New Hair Clinic and Man Cave Sydney.

“Hair transplantation, performed well, draws on a combination of science, mathematics and artistry to replant hair at the same angle, orientation and curl that it appears in nature,” says Dr Martinick.

“Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) is an intensive process involving replanting each follicle individually in a manner that mimics nature.”

The results are a permanent and natural looking hair transplant which grows and can be cut, washed and styled – just as your own hair can.

Dr Martinick’s surgical skills have been life-changing for patients who have been unable to grow hair on the scarred parts of their heads, some for decades.

“It’s very rewarding to work with patients who have been scarred and didn’t think they could grow hair again,” she says.

“But, with highly refined surgical techniques, developed after many years of research, it can.”

Dr Martinick advises those concerned or affected by hair loss to seek a medical diagnosis as early as possible to confirm the cause of their condition and preserve precious donor follicles.

“People may they think follicles are limitless, but we only have 6,000 follicles on our heads,” she says.

“You can’t go to Bunning’s or Ikea and buy more. Once they are gone, they are gone for good.”


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