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- Wednesday.July 18. 2018

Craig had a 4,500 follicular unit grafts (FUGs) transplant procedure with Dr Sara Kotai and Dr Jennifer Martinick in June 2016 and is overwhelmed about his new hairline.

Just 6 months after the procedure at Man Cave Sydney, Craig says his results are insane and couldn’t be happier. “It’s the best money I have ever spent worth every cent” says Craig.

Dr Sara and I want the world to be full of people who are able to reach their full potential by not having to feel set back by hair loss. That’s why we aim to be the best in the world and give you a world class experience.  I wish we could do it cheaper, but if you cut corners, with staff training and the like, well you don’t get results like {Craig’s} and all those other people who wisely come to our clinic, says Dr Martinick.

We are a medical hair restoration clinic practising only medically approved solutions for hair loss problems

In medicine, there are ethics, moral principles, and values that govern professional conduct.  The Australian Medical Board ensures that doctors are regulated by strict constraints, tight boundaries and adherence to regulations are applied at all times.  These guidelines do not apply to clinics that are deemed non-medical. Non-medical clinic owners, consultants, educators, and salesmen can make promises without accepting accountability.  There are many fringe operators who manage to dispense misinformation, pushing the boundaries of truth to the extremes. They employ many ways to go around the trickery such as fake before and after photos, made up reviews or testimonials, and promoting FUE overseas.

Thankfully, Craig’s decision is based on extensive research into hair loss treatments and hair restoration clinics. Dr Jennifer and Dr Sara performed his hair transplant procedure using a credible, deliverable technique developed for almost two decades of observation, research and surgical refinement, the patented Martinick Technique™.

Dr Martinick says a heavy investment of time and resources is needed when training doctors in the clinic’s globally renowned Martinick hair transplant technique. She emphasised that becoming a good hair transplant surgeon requires far more than simply harvesting and replanting donor hairs.

Our doctors understand the refined nuances of expertly executed hair transplants and how these make an enormous difference to a patient’s appearance, and often, wellbeing.  Hair restoration doctors trained in the Martinick Technique™ are able to replicate hairs natural angle and orientation, thereby creating completely natural looking transplants for our patients.

Now two years after, our doctors are overjoyed seeing Craig actually running his fingers through his hair.  Craig couldn’t be happier.  He says having had a hair transplant changed his life and very thankful to the team at Martinick Hair Restoration.

Watch Craig’s story here.

Results may vary for each individual.


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