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Understanding Hair Restoration and Hair Replacement

- Friday.November 29. 2019

When searching for a hair loss solution it’s advisable to gain a clear understanding of commonly promoted terms such as hair restoration and hair replacement.

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Martinick Hair Restoration medical director Dr Jennifer Martinick says many people mistakenly believe the two terms mean the same thing.

Dr Martinick says consumers must distinguish between non-medical hair replacement and surgical hair restoration.

Non-surgical hair replacement, which involves attaching a hairpiece, wig or toupee, offers the instant enhancement of a fuller-looking head of hair.

Unlike surgical hair restoration where the donor hair grows naturally, non-surgical hair replacement demands ongoing visits to the salon for upkeep and reattachment of the hairpiece, as well as being more expensive in the long run.

Dr Martinick says, “The only way to permanently and naturally regrow hair is through single follicular unit transplantation.” She advises the need to thoroughly research a clinic and the hair restoration physician before committing to a hair transplant.

This research should involve finding out about the surgical techniques a physician uses as well as the philosophy and practices of the clinic and seeing the results achieved for previous patients.

“Find out if the doctor is actively involved in your surgery”, Dr Martinick says.

“At some clinics, the physician is only present at the beginning and end of the surgery. Martinick Hair Restoration physicians actively take part in the whole procedure, ensuring an artistically superior outcome.”

If you go down the route of hair transplantation, then regard this as a major decision and not one that can be taken lightly.

Hair transplant surgery is considered to be safe when carried out by a qualified and experienced surgeon. However, all surgeries carry risks. Choosing the right hair transplant surgeon is your most important decision.


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