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When a small hair transplant procedure seems like a miracle

- Thursday.December 21. 2017

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It’s nothing short of a miracle. Truly, what Dr Jennifer Martinick has done for me, feels like a miracle, says Steve Shinas.

The miracle that 51-year-old Steve is referring to, involves repairing an unnatural looking hair line created through previously poorly executed hair restoration procedures.

Steve had a 600 graft transplant procedure with Dr Jennifer Martinick in October 2016 and is ecstatic about his new hairline.

Likening the appearance of his previous hair line to the ‘curve of a toilet bowl’, he speaks of enduring many years of embarrassment and awareness that people couldn’t but help stare at his head.

Now, just over a year after the procedure at Man Cave Sydney, Steve, has a natural hairline and no longer feels self conscious about his appearance.

Steve, who works in his family’s Elizabeth Bay business, Next of Skin Medi Spa, was resigned to putting up with his hairline, until a client alerted him to Dr Martinick’s work.

“A client told me that he had hair restoration surgery and I was so impressed because I just couldn’t tell. His transplant looked so healthy and natural.

“He told me Dr Martinick was the best in the field and this became evident when I saw the results of her work on other patients.  When I met her she told me about her plan to put some organisational chaos into my hairline to replicate the way that hair grows in nature.

“Seeing Dr Martinick was the last of many attempts to repair my damaged hairline. I was very emotional when she told me what she could do and I am so glad that I tried again. She under promised and over delivered.”

Steve says his barometer of how natural his new hairline looks is derived from the lack of attention his hair attracts these days.

“I can walk on the street or into a social gathering and I no longer find that people are looking towards my hairline, Steve says.

“No one notices my hair these days and that’s a good thing.”

Steve’s hair loss story stems from hormonal issues which began at just 12 years old.

These ‘haywire’ hormones caused accelerated ageing of his hair and at 16 he started noticing clumps of hair on his pillow.

By the time he was 17, his hair loss was noticeable and at 19 he had his first punch graft procedure with a doctor on Macquarie Street Sydney.

Successive procedures were performed in 1987, 1994, 1997, 2007 and in 2016.


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