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Why experienced and ethical hair transplant surgeons may advise some patients to delay hair transplantation

- Tuesday.September 26. 2017


If you are searching for a hair loss solution you will find no shortage of products to spend your money on.

And, if you have decided on the permanent solution of surgical hair restoration you may be prepared to spend anywhere between $5,000 and $20,000 depending on the extent of surgery.

Given that, in the right surgical hands, the permanent no fuss option of hair transplantation looks completely natural, your investment will be worthwhile.

But what if, after sifting through all the research on hair replacement, you encounter a hair transplant surgeon who advises they’d prefer to wait a few years before performing surgical hair transplantation?

If this happens, it’s quite likely the surgeon is more concerned about looking after your long term best interests rather than taking your money, says leading hair restoration surgeon, Dr Jennifer Martinick.

Dr Martinick, who performs hair restoration surgery for New Hair Clinic and Martinick Hair Restoration, says an ethical and experienced hair transplant surgeon will not agree to perform surgery if he or she doesn’t believe it is in the patient’s best interests.

If someone is too young, if their hair loss is too extreme, or if they have unrealistic expectations of what can be done for them, she may counsel them against surgery.

For those patients determined to find a doctor who will perform a transplant in these circumstances, she encourages extreme caution.

“An ethical doctor must learn to ask why a patient wants a hair transplant and if their reasons are concerning, the doctor must learn to say no, Dr Martinick says.

“For example, I recall one young man coming in to me who was seeking treatment for his thinning hair and while he wanted treatment I really felt that he wasn’t quite ready for surgery.

“When I asked him about his motivation to have a hair transplant he told me his girlfriend had talked him into it.

“I advised him that having a transplant was something he should only do for himself and that I wouldn’t do it unless he felt ready. “

Dr Martinick says having a hair transplant should never be taken lightly.

To a young man who feels distressed by the early loss of hair, the professional advice and support of a physician member of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) will be invaluable.  The ISHRS also advises that the cost of consulting a hair restoration doctor may be less than the cost of numerous ineffective “miracle cures” bought from sellers promoting on the internet, TV, radio, or in print media.

Prospective patients should take their time conducting extensive research on a proposed doctor and clinic and cross-check that research by speaking to past patients of the doctor.   Along with checking on the results achieved for patients, find out if the proposed surgeon has been subjected to any malpractice.

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