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Why Face to Face Consultation is Vital in Hair Restoration Process

- Friday.October 18. 2019

A face to face consultation can be the best situation for acquiring information when a person is interested in hair transplant surgery.

Although the hair restoration industry is of specialised nature, a perpetual market for the services has also led to an increase in the number of fringe operators employing high pressured sales tactics, confusing claims, and a plethora of misinformation.


This is why face to face consultation is vital in the hair restoration process. Many questions can be answered and personal knowledge about the clinic you are considering can be gained.

Establishing the doctor-patient relationship

The consultation is an opportunity for the doctor and patient to get acquainted on several levels.

The initial meeting allows the doctor to assess where a prospective hair restoration patient is in terms of physical hair loss, his area of greatest concern, what treatments may have already been tried, how the hair loss impacts the individual on an emotional level, and more.

While talking with the hair restoration patient, the doctor is also studying such characteristics as personality, facial features and aspects of the existing hairline—what features need to be accentuated and what should be minimised.

Martinick Hair Restoration’s Dr Sara Kotai says, “At this stage, the doctor is already planning how she will place different groupings of hairs in different patterns to best suit the individual. Taking time for these details enhances the doctor’s ability to formulate a superior treatment plan and hairline design for the patient.”

From a patient’s perspective, the consultation is your time to learn as much as you can about the doctor, the practice and your hair restoration.

Now is the time to determine goals and discuss expectations

The consultation serves both patient and doctor as you work together to determine your hair restoration objectives, review various medical and surgical solutions, and obtain a clear understanding of what you can realistically expect as a final result.

During your initial visit, you need to know the doctor’s professional assessment of your condition, including an accurate determination of where you are according to the Norwood or Ludwig scales of male/female pattern baldness; the doctor’s detailed treatment plan, and fee for services.

Given that each hair restoration performed is individually designed for the patient, the cost varies depending on the number of grafts required and the density desired.

At Martinick Hair, our doctors will help you to determine whether your expectations are realistic and how many follicles will have to be harvested and transplanted.

This discussion must also set appropriate expectations in terms of the actual number of sessions and grafts required in order to achieve your hair restoration goals.

“You may discover that you need more sessions than you had anticipated. For example, the fact that you have dark, straight hair and light skin may require more work.”

“Or your donor area may be insufficient and this will limit the doctor’s ability to achieve the desired density”, Dr Kotai says.


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