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Year End Hair Restoration News Roundup

- Wednesday.December 22. 2021

Merry Christmas from Martinick Hair

With the holiday season upon us and the last page of the calendar showing, it’s crazy that we’re days away from 2022. Here’s looking back at some of this year’s most popular reviews, videos, and more.

From our Martinick Hair family, a big thanks for your love and support! We wish you and your family a heartwarming, joyful, and safe holiday season.

We’re taking a holiday break from 24th December to 3rd January 2022. See you again in the new year, starting on 4th January.

We will still monitor the telephones during the Christmas break. If you’d like to contact us, please call 1800 689 939.


Hairline Lowering by Dr Jennifer Martinick 2 Months Post Op

Hairline Lowering by Dr Jennifer Martinick 2 Months Post Op    Image Source

Realself Review: After months and months and months of having my surgery cancelled and rescheduled, I was so thankful to finally have it done!  As you can see the baby hair is well and truly there, just waiting for more growth but it is nearly back to the length of pre surgery. Super super happy still.  READ THE FULL STORY

The Bay Medispa is the new home of Martinick Hair Restoration Sydney. Dr Sara Kotai is our lead cosmetic physician and founder of The Bay Medispa and Man Cave Sydney. Dr Sara personalises each consult and treatment with a tailored approach using the latest technology and products to improve skin texture and appearance, body image, hair restoration and intimate concerns for men and women. Meet the rest of our amazing team!

Martinick Technique

A 12 minute interview with Dr Martinick about her work and specific transplant technique. Find out what makes the Martinick Technique different from what other hair transplant clinics are offering. WATCH THE VIDEO

Chrissy Teigen Got an Eyebrow Transplant

Chrissy Teigen got an eyebrow transplant and says the transformation is “Crazy”. Eyebrow transplants are a permanent and natural looking solution for those with thinning or absent brows due to hair loss from a medical condition or, in Teigen’s case, overplucking. DISCOVER MORE 

Top 8 blog posts of 2021

Martinick Hair Top Blog Posts 2021



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